Aguila 220 – huge capabilities

A kitchen is the heart of every office. It is crossed by all employees, regardless motivation: to satisfy hunger, to quench the thirst or to relax from the computer. Everyone, sooner or later, goes to the kitchen.

Therefore, the kitchen should be considered a valuable space shared by all workers, and its proper management is a big challenge, which requires meticulous approach. Due to the limited space, it has to be equipped only with the essential and most effective devices that offer the biggest capabilities – such as coffee machines.

High efficiency in small size

New coffee machine Nespresso Aguila 220 entirely meets the demand for effective management of the office kitchen space. High performance, advanced technology in a compact machine. Two extraction heads allow preparing two cups simultaneously, which will satisfy even highest volume demands for the aromatic, stimulating drink in the biggest offices. Besides, professional cold and hot froth option (thanks to the temperature and density regulation), 3 pre-set black coffee quantities (ristretto, espresso, lungo) and 4 milk-based recipes (each at different button) will satisfy diversified preferences of coffee lovers and will boost your mood before starting a next busy day. The machine features also an additional button to one of 12 original coffee creations and hot water option appreciated mostly by amateurs of other hot drinks. Coffee prepared in Aguila 220 is excellent just like in a renowned café, yet employees do not need to leave the office every time they feel like drinking an aromatic beverage.

Pleasure in use

Aguila 220 brings high technology and easy handling – with just one touch you can choose between multiple coffee variations, differing in intensity, density and caffeine content. The machine offers more facilities – thanks to the capsule system it is easy to control coffee consumption, maintain and clean the kitchen space and the device itself. Moreover, Aguila features energy saving modes that are automatically turned on after a period of inactivity. Unique capabilities together with compact size are finished with elegant design and steel color which increases prestige not only of the kitchen but of each office room where it is installed.

Aroma hidden in capsule

13 finest Grand Cru coffee blends match Aguila 200. The variety of coffee beans, level of roasting and grinding were rigorously selected to assure always a perfect cup of coffee. Hermetic capsule, in which ground coffee beans are preserved, guarantees aroma and freshness until the moment of brewing.
Aguila 220 is offered by Lyreco, exclusive distributor of Nespresso Business Solutions for companies, both for purchase and loan. Get more information via contact form or at 801 307 007 and 22 730 70 07.