Coffee at work

Coffee is not only a hot drink, it is also a lifestyle – we often begin our day with it. Research commissioned by Lyreco revealed that coffee is an integral part of life, also professional life. 93% of respondents drink coffee most often at work. The majority of them drink it mainly for pleasure and treat coffee as a source of energy.

For many of us coffee is a mandatory point of every day. We drink it in mugs, glasses or cups. It is a kind of ritual which we enjoy not only at home but also at work. While at work, coffee sets the tone during meetings with clients or keeps cordial atmosphere among coworkers. Studies concerning coffee drinking habits at work indicate that almost 80% of respondents regard coffee as their favourite drink. An essential reason why people drink coffee is willingness of having pleasure and enjoying its taste (69%). 55% of surveyed treat coffee at work as an additional boost of energy, that allows them to start their morning in a proper way. Answerers declared that they drink on average three cups of coffee a day, two are drunk in institution that they work for. Their favourite coffee is with milk (58%) and it is prepared usually in the morning (72%) or at noon (41%). Depending on personal preferences there is a possibility to choose from many types of coffee that are available on the market, e.g. instant coffee, grain coffee, coffee beans, ground coffee from a coffee machine or coffee in capsules. The most common is instant coffee – 44% of respondents confirmed. Despite the fact that it is perceived as a quick and convenient solution, according to almost one third of respondents it represents only acceptable quality.

As reported by participants of the survey, in business situations the most desired coffee is in capsules – symbol of modernity and prestige. For 40% of respondents this type of coffee offers wide range of different kinds and aromatic flavours. In spite of such big interest and love for coffee, only one in four employers offers this hot drink to their employees and 11% of employees have to cover the costs connected with such possibility. It may be surprising that 66% of surveyed admitted that they buy coffee on their own. Interestingly, independently on general satisfaction from coffee that is available at work, half of people asked declared that they are willing to pay some sum in order to raise the quality of coffee in their office. When asked about an ideal coffee in the office, respondents declared that it should be aromatic, hot and strong, prepared in a coffee machine (coffee beans or ground coffee) and in capsules. Moreover, they emphasized the importance of the atmosphere and possibility of drinking coffee in peace and quiet. Access to drinks and possibility to choose coffee influence perception of working place as an attractive one. A vast majority of respondents (62%) expressed that free coffee from a coffee machine is a crucial factor, next to a good location of the office and additional benefits package. Coffee in the office is not only additional portion of energy, but primarily it is pleasure. For some it is a state of mind, or even meaning of life. It affects our mood and quality of a day, but also evaluation of working place. Ensuring employees with best quality coffee may bring surprising effects.

 The research was conducted by Ipsos Marketing in October 2016 in form of Internet survey on the sample of N=604 Polish people aged between 18 and 64, according to their sex, professionally active. The employees come from both public and private sector and drink coffee at least 2-3 times a week. The research was carried out by the Internet method (online panel) on representative national sample.