How do you like spending your mornings?

Discover the recipe for an ideal morning coffee at work!

For many of us drinking coffee is a daily ritual that is closely associated with highest quality coffee beans, easiness of preparation and favourite cup or mug. This ritual functions not only at home along with breakfast, but also just after coming to work it gives us energetic beginning of a new day.

Coffee Ambassador of Nespresso brand in Poland, Anna Oleksak, has prepared four recipes – especially for Nespresso Professional line – thanks to which every morning may become a source of inspiration.

Spices and cinnamon lovers will fall in love with the recipe of “Oriental Cappuccino”, those who prefer gentler aromas will appreciate “Fizzy Refreshment”. Dessert options include “Banana Surprise” and “Raspberry Sweetness”.

Silky cappuccino or perfect latte macchiato prepared in a good coffee machine will surely improve our mood and ensure a moment of pleasure during a dynamic working day – Anna Oleksak says.



– Latte glass

– 1 spoon (15ml) of banana sirup

– 1 Ristretto coffee brewed as latte macchiato

– a pinch of ginger

– mix it well



– 1 tea spoon of brown sugar

– a pinch of gingerbread spice

– 1 Ristretto Origin India brewed in form of cappuccino

optional: you may sprinkle it with cinnamon



– a glass of Reveal Lungo

– 1 Espresso Leggero brewed in a form of espresso

– fill it with 80ml of chilled tonic



– Lungo glass or cup

– 1 spoon (15ml) of raspberry sirup

– 1 chocolate Nespresso square (milk)

– fill it with brewed Lungo Forte and mix well