Bianco Intenso

Bianco Intenso

PERFECT HARMONY ROASTED & CEREAL A coffee designed for intense yet balanced recipes with milk

BIANCO INTENSO is designed with a meticulous technique of split roasting that delivers the intensity yet fine balance of coffee and milk. Our blend mainly comprised of Colombian Arabicas is roasted in 2 ways; one part is roasted dark, the other is roasted light, so that when milk is added, sweet and nutty cereal notes are revealed to create a harmonious cup of coffee.

Sensorial profile: BIANCO INTENSO intensity is tempered with the delicate sweets of milk, creating a beautiful balance. It is just roasty enough to push through milk, creating a compelling Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

Sensory Profile With Milk:

Recommended cup size: 25 ml, 40 ml, 110 ml.

  • Intensity: 7
  • Cup size:

Nespresso BIANCO INTENSO is designed to be perfectly paired with milk. The meticulous split roasting of carefully selected Colombian and Ethiopian Arabicas is the reason why the cereal and nutty notes are revealed when the sweetness of milk is added creating a perfect harmony of flavours. Not all coffees interact well with milk or milk froth, but the selection of some of the finest Colombian and Ethiopian Arabicas with their powerful aromas ensures a perfect taste harmony is created when adding milk. BIANCO INTENSO has the optimum intensity for pushing that roast coffee aroma through without overpowering the sweetness of the milk. It is a perfect base for Cappuccino but also great for larger milk recipes such as Latte Macchiato.


In cappuccino cup put 5 gr of Almond or Amaretto syrup.
Put the cup under the Momento or Aguila machine and put the Bianco Intenso coffee into the machine.
Select “Cappuccino” recipe on the machine.
Then add the crushed pistachio on the top of the milk foam.

Roasting process: To get that ideal flavor balance in BIANCO INTENSO, we needed an extremely contrasted split roasting technique. One part of the blend gets a long and dark roast, and the other is roasted much faster and lighter. When you combine the two, the blend develops that special roasty character that goes so well with the sweetness of milk. .

Milk description: BIANCO INTENSO was designed to work well with all milk recipes. However, there are two traditional recipes we invite you to try:
Cappuccino (40 ml of coffee with 60 ml of frothed milk), but it’s also great in a larger Latte Macchiato recipe.

50 PRO capsules of roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO PROFESSIONAL system. Net weight (for 50 capsules): 300 g. Coffee is sold in packs of 50 pieces. Produced in Switzerland.

Ingredients & allergens:
Roast and ground coffee