Acquaint yourself with the coffee etiquette

Are there any rules for coffee business meetings? Although we do not think of them frequently, they do exist. By knowing these unwritten rules you will avoid a faux pas. We all know that good impression is all important – especially in business. Here are some tips for a formal meeting – what to do when we are offered a coffee or we want to serve it.

Espresso is served in a small thick-walled porcelain cup, so to lie well in hand and make you enjoying the coffee. To avoid infusion’s cooling down, the cup should be warm (heated) but not hot (it would burn lips). Cappuccino and latte are served in porcelain cups ranging from 150 up to 180 ml. Serving these drinks in glass is less elegant.


  • First of all, coffee should be offered. If we are guests, we should wait to be asked what we would like to drink – then we are free to ask for a coffee. To avoid misunderstandings and maintain good impression, name precisely what kind of coffee you are thinking of.
  • The coffee spoon should lie on the saucer, on the right side, with the handle towards the guest. It should have contact with the surface of the saucer. Do not leave your spoon in the cup nor put it across the saucer or cup. Never lick the spoon, nor use it to try the infusion or cool it down.
  • Usually a coffee is served with something sweet. According to coffee gourmands, it should not be a sponge cake, for instance. Its too sugary and insipid taste do not fit coffee bitterness. Coffee pairs with dark chocolate square, biscuit – spiced or amaretti almond one (try sweets from our offer). Of course, we do not dunk the biscuits in the coffee, even if we love it. It is a pleasure reserved only for the hearth and home.

  • No matter the season, espresso is served with a small glass of water. Sip the water to cleanse your palate from other tastes and fully enjoy your coffee.
  • Naturally you should avoid incorrect names like “exspresso”, “late mokacchio” or “late mashchiato”. Slips of the tongue can lead to really awkward situations.
  • Sometimes, a coffee served at a meeting was prepared earlier and is waiting for its amateurs in a thermo carafe. To enjoy it, you should stir it before pouring it into your cup – experts explain that invisible coffee molecules drop down and the infusion can not taste good if not stirred.
  • As for coffee drinks different than espresso, Italians do not order coffee with milk after 12 PM; however, it is not a strict rule. Although experts believe that quality coffee does not need any improvements, your individual preferences are important. Check what accessories may make coffee drinking a real pleasure for your employees and guests. No doubt that excellent coffee served in a proper cup, on a saucer with a crispy biscuit, will positively affect drinker’s mood.