Configure your comfort in the office with the Tower Solution

Manufacturers from various industries have noticed a significant consumer trend – customers expect that products will work in different situations and different conditions. Often, they are searching for products which can be customized according to changing needs, e.g. through replacing one module by another, better satisfying new conditions. Such solutions are everywhere – in cars, computers, smartphones, furniture or photography. This tendency is present also in the coffee industry – from now on, Lyreco customers who choose the Tower Solution for their office are able to pick just the modules that better fit their needs.

Flexible solutions that can be modified upon dynamic demand are essential for changing circumstances in the office.

Modular solutions

Needs and expectations in terms of coffee preparation tend to change according to many aspects. The number of employees undergoes changes; office space increases or decreases when companies relocate, and room arrangement varies with new people joining the crew. In order to handle dynamic conditions, offices need flexible solutions that can be modified upon changing demand; for instance, by adding or removing subsequent modules. These capabilities are offered by the Tower Solution from Lyreco – Nespresso Business Solutions, whose modularity is the biggest advantage and at the same time a distinctive feature on the coffee solutions market.

Flexibility is the key

How in practice the Tower Solution looks like and works? It is a simple and surprisingly convenient solution. The user can choose between 3 modules: coffee machine, coffee dispenser, capsule storage cabinet and payment solution. Each of them can be added or removed creating configurations satisfying particular needs:

1. Wall-mounted capsule dispenser

Independent automatic dispenser is an easy end aesthetic storage for Nespresso coffee capsules. The dispenser is easy wall-mounted, which allows placing it in any room. Available in 2 versions: configuration without or with payment system (payment card and key rings). The capsule dispenser works with Gemini CS223, and can operate as autonomous dispenser compatible with all Nespresso PRO machines. The dispenser will perfectly fit office kitchens and spaces where office guests are invited to make coffee on their own and choose the favorite capsule individually.

2. Table-top option

A stable and convenient solution allows attaching the coffee machine e.g. to a kitchen worktop. Components include: capsule dispenser, GEMINI CS223 machine and support element for providing solid and stable connection. Like in the first solution, there is a possibility of choosing dispenser configuration without or with payment system (payment card and key rings).

3. Base Cabinet


Freely positioned solution designed to fit any office room. Contains a drawer for coffee cups, capsules, spoons and other coffee accessories. The heart of the system is Gemini CS223 additionally equipped with an optional cup-warming plate. Base Cabinet is easy to use thanks to containers for water, used capsules and waste. Base Cabinet machine perfectly suits conference halls and every space with limited furniture. Configuration without payment system.

4. Full Tower

The biggest solution including all available modules: automatic capsule dispenser, Gemini CS223 machine, base cabinet and supporting element for the Tower Solution. Fully independent freely positioned coffee station. Characterized by storage space for extra capsule tubes and other accessories. Depending on preferences, may be equipped with or without payment system (cash or non-cash).

Convenient settlements

Available payment methods allow to choose optimal solution – boosting users’ comfort and providing a clear record of coffee consumption costs. Customer can set pricing for each coffee variety. Cash payment is made via coin slot in the base cabinet. Coiner accepts 4 different coin denominations and gives change, so there is no need to carry small change. The solution is additionally equipped with a safe locking system which eliminates potential malpractices and enables proper control and management over cash. Non-cash payment is done through a scanner inbuilt in the capsule dispenser: pay with easy to use key ring or Nespresso card. For user’s comfort, available on the card (or key ring) credits and capsules prices appear on the screen. Customer can individually define prices for each capsule type available for users. Optional different pricing for payment by card, key ring or with coins.

Above defined four configurations of the Tower Solution suit companies with wide range of employees, different office space and differentiated needs. Flexibility of this solution is possible due to the modularity. Each configuration featuring particular modules fits different user’s needs; although, they have one common feature – all prepare excellent coffee with exceptional taste for your guests, colleagues and for you. Learn more about the Tower Solution or ask our representative to prepare offer for your company.