A cup of coffee with positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable aluminium management

Aluminium helps to protect Nespresso coffee from losing freshness in an infinite cycle.

Aluminium is used to manufacture Nespresso coffee pods. It helps to keep coffee fresh and full of fleeting aromas of ground beans.

Aluminium protects coffee against the negative effects of oxygen, light and moisture, which can affect the taste of the coffee.

Aluminium pods have been designed to provide complete protection for approximately 900 coffee aromas. Keeping coffee tightly closed in the capsule prevents it from oxidation and guarantees optimal freshness of coffee drink in every cup.

After completing the stage of roasting, further coffee processing takes place in a controlled atmosphere to protect coffee from the effects of air and light exposure. At the last stage coffee is put into a tightly closed capsule.

Aluminium can be recovered endlessly in the recycling process. Which means that the used Nespresso pods can turn into new aluminium products again and again.

Aluminium is fully recyclable – no matter how many times it is processed, it always retains its properties.

The aluminium recycling process uses up to 95% of energy less that the production of so-called primary metals.