A cup of coffee with positive impact on the environment.

Coffee from sustainable sources

Sustainable coffee gives everyone more satisfaction

Perfect coffee is no coincidence. Which means we push the boundaries uncompromisingly at every step of the long value chain from tree to cup, deliberately creating our Nespresso coffee for your pleasure.

In Nespresso, the selection process starts with getting the best beans since there is no better way to drink a perfect cup of coffee.

The selection stage is crucial to create Nespresso’s extraordinary coffees. The production process starts with choosing the best coffee species which meet the highest criteria and guarantee specific flavour profiles.

Responsible supplies as the best taste “Guarantee”

In order to take care of the future of coffee, in 2003 – working together with a non-profit organization Rainforest Alliance – we created the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ program. It enables Nespresso to secure future supplies of premium quality coffee beans, ensuring, at the same time, higher profits for the growers and the environment protection. Our commitment, however, goes further – our aim is to build a long-term relationship and a stable cooperation with the coffee farmers taking part in the program.