A cup of coffee with positive impact on the environment.

Coffee pod recycling
– everyone’s responsibility

Care for the environment and sustainability is important both for Nespresso and Lyreco. You are welcome to join our activities in favour of ecology.

You expect freshness – so we pack coffee in aluminium pods. Being endlessly recyclable, they perfectly retain the flavours and aromas of the coffee.

Aluminium from Nespresso pods can be recycled and used again to make cans, bicycles, pens or new coffee pods. However, the recycling process does not only mean the manufacturing of new products. Used coffee grounds have numerous valuable properties. They are used in energy industry for producing biogases. And at a later stage, they can be used as compost, for example, for fertilizing coffee plantations.

Seeing what a great potential is hidden in coffee, we have no doubts that it serves sustainability. Nespresso coffee does not end its life in a cup – on the contrary, it starts its further never-ending journey there.

To provide a second life for or our coffee pods and their contents, we have created a free recycling program. You only need to ask our Customer Service to collect the used coffee pods for recycling. We will pick them up from you free of charge and forward for recycling.

To activate the used pods collection service, enter the following codes:

8.046.752 – ordering a recycling bag,
99.991.162 – collecting a filled-up bag for recycling.